• 2022 Laser TV Showdown
    Aug 11, 2022, the web's leading projection specialty retailer has teamed up with Projector Central, The World's Largest Projector Resource to bring you this LaserTV Showdown - the Ultimate Ultra Short Throw Projector Shootout. Projector Central is the world's largest database of projector information and one of the most authoritative resources and review websites in the industry. Despite receiving several requests for sponsorship opportunities from the various brands competing, Projector Central decided it was best to self-finance the entire competition so that there would be no perception of influence and impropriety in regards to a sponsor's ratings or winning. Projector Central did help wrangle up the sponsors and gear, provide the facility and most of the projectors, performed all of the dark room instrument calibrations via our ISF certified calibrator Dave Harper  (Rob did the bright room calibrations to the viewing space by eye) and provided technical, operational and at times, emotional support. The activity recruited six expert judges from the world of projection, calibration and A/V professionals to pick the winner of this ultimate shootout. How Picked The Best The projectors were evaluated using a series of test patterns from  Murideo generators and movie/TV program clips ,Kaleidescape player, Oppo UHD disc player and DirectTV box that put each projector to the test.  Challenged their color accuracy, dynamic range with both SDR and HDR content, resolution/detail with still and motion video, image scaling/processing, contrast and brightness. Each laser TV was paired with an identical 100" Spectra Projection Vantage ambient light rejecting screen engineered to work with UST projectors. All of the projectors in the Laser TV Showdown were calibrated in 3 modes; SDR Day (Bright Room), SDR Dark Room and HDR Dark Room. Additionally, some picture quality attributes were given different weights to reflect their importance to overall image quality with motion handling, 4,000-Nit Tone-Mapping, and Color Gamut given less weight than those related to color accuracy, contrast and black level. While the cost of a laser TV is an incredibly important factor for most shoppers, price was not factored into the rankings; the judging was done purely on the basis of image quality. Who will win the title of the best ultra short throw projector in the 2022 LaserTV Showdown? Let’s cut right to the chase and find out! Best Ultra Short Throw Projector - Triple Laser: #1:    Formovie Theater                                       Total Image Quality Score: 9.08 This projector is absolutely the new kid on the block and it was certainly hanging tough against the competition. Most of judges had never heard of the brand Formovie and believe that their expectations of it were not very high. This projector just launched here i...

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  • 【Internal News】
    Apr 29, 2022

    On April 28, 2022, the training&meeting organized by the company was carried out smoothly. In order to better enhance the company's advantages and services, to bring fans a better shopping experience, the company's sales leader Ms.Kay conducted relevant knowledge in a targeted manner. During the meeting,Ms.Kay taught everyone how to response and react to customer inquiries, how to help customers with better solutions, provide first-hand information, solve problems and after-sales support through rich cases and easy-to-understand expressions, which made the participants refreshing. At the same time, the company uses “Trust me”to display products and company characteristics through video, and increase brand recognition, so that fans can understand products more intuitively, and also use other social channels to promote products in a better way and attract more fans. . The training&meeting end in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

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  • Wupro X Formovie ,Exclusive Agent Thailand
    Apr 09, 2022

    People used to call 峰米 as Fengmi; Actually we have official company and brand name "Formovie" since 2021. Formovie is an Eco-chain enterprise of Xiaomi, specialized in home theater projector.

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  • Wupro redesigned and registered a new LOGO
    Mar 18, 2022

    Dear customers and partners: Thank you very much for your strong support to WUPRO! According to the company's brand strategy upgrading and development needs, in order to strengthen the brand category attributes and advantages, further enhance the company LOGO identification and communication effect, and constantly improve the company's brand image and influence, the company redesigned and registered a new LOGO, officially launched from March 18,2022. Thank you!

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