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Xming projector Q1 with eye comfort certification
September 29 , 2022

Most people work with digital device everyday,Xming Q1 has eye comfort certification promoting a more comfortable, more productive work space for users.Protect our eyes well.

The compact design of Xming Q1,a wheel button in the top of the projector,you can adjust the focus with one finger, so that clarity is within reach.

With the built-in battery and the small size that can be lifted with one hand, the size of the projected image can be changed according to the placement distance, from 40 to 120 inches, the size of the world is up to you.

It can provide 1080P HD resolution,mature intelligent large -screen syestem,FengOS, various humanized projection functions such as one-touch access, giving you a smooth entertainment experience.

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Editor:Kay Wang

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