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Premium Quality 4K UST Laser Projector Wemax D30
March 19 , 2022

Today what I bring for you is a really Sharp UST projector model from APPOTRONICS company Wemax D30!

Ultra Short Throw Projectors

D30 not only represents the beauty of science and technology,but also represents the precipitation of culture and tastes.
In order to create the heart of collections and make everyone a favorite laser home theater.
CNC metal housing designs from the craftsmanship of AR.

Based on the ALPD Advanced Laser Phosphor Display technology,D30 has many advantages such as stable picture presented by professional cinema laser projection technology long service life of more than 20000 hours and no speckle making it perfect for the on-demand market.

Ultra Short Throw Projectors

High brightness 40 On it with 100 inch Fresnel optical anti-light screen the effect is more outstanding without fear of ambient light and the daytime viewing is clear.
Compared with the speckles that may be presented by other laser projectors D30 achieves no speckle effect on the picture making the picture more realistic and delicate.

Ultra Short Throw Projectors

MEMC dynamic anti shake technology makes simulated physical judgement and intelligent compensation for the motion trajectory of dynamic pictures,so as to achieve  jitters and no tailing.Further improve the dynamic clarity and watch the giant screens smoother.

Ultra Short Throw Projectors

You wont believe that there’s 3 years for D30 projectors warranty and if you want to ext and this service wed like to help if you want to pay extra fees.
It is FengOS TV system in D30 and global firmware also supported so we can help to update the original version to this global FengOS which offers 4 languages Chinese,English,Korean and Japanese.So customers will get a full English menu at the beginning when they turn on D30.

D30 is a really sharp one isn’t it? Send me your inquiries and follow Wupro we’ll have more amazing evaluation every week.See you!

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