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Portable projection choice
November 17 , 2022

Today,we are going to recommend the new combo for the samlllest DLP laser projector Formovie P1 and portable power bank.

The overall volume of the Formovie P1 pocket laser projector is comparable to that of a mobile phone. Please note that it is a ALPD laser projector.

You can see how light and smart one it is when I hold it.

Innovative boot design and intelligence,open the sliding baffle in front of the fuselage,you can see the light source.Bring you a large screen on the wall.

And check the setting menu of this smallest DLP laser projector, it can meet your projection needs.Such as projection mode,android and iOS screen casting,connect external device in HDMI/USB port etc.

For the P1,Power 30W, type C support PD, adapter output: 15V ~ 2A,So I pair with power bank over 30W with DC output 15V.

The packaging design of P1 is enough for me to put this power bank in it.And I can take them to anywhere.

I hope this combination can really meet your requirements for high quality products and temporary projection needs.

Do you want learn more projection equipment? Welcome to follow WUPRO, in addition to constantly update new products, our research on what is best suited to customer needs.

Thanks for watching,Ill see you in the next video.

Editor:Kay Wang

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