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Popular laser for powerpoint
July 08 , 2022

Hi everyone, this is Lily. Glad to see you again.We not only sell projectors and projection screens, also have laser Pointers. There are many countries from the Middle East asking about laser Pointers. We have many types of laser Pointers,let me introduce to you.

Laser pointer 101 : has three colors: red, blue and green. The green laser is the best seller. It looks like a pen,  small and convenient, with warning label,Use batteries, can be used as office meeting or presentation, using bubble bag packaging, can be customized gift box.

Laser pointer 303:The appearance adopts anti-slip and anti-fall design,The green laser has a four-color shellred, blue, black, gold and copper material good heat conductivity, using the 18650 battery, The star cap can be removedthe power switch with safety lock design, support custom gift box (laser pen, chargers, batteries) and exclusive logo, Many customers customise gift boxes to give to friends.

Laser pointer301 has roughly the same appearance and function as laser pointer303, except that the star cap cannot be removed.  We also have USB laser Pointers, Laser303 USB and Laser 1912 USB, with USB port, 2-hour Playback Battery, easy to charge and use. more details pls send me your inquiry, see you next time.

If you have any good advice,feel free tell me. Your instructions would pave a smooth way to our upcoming cooperation.
Thanks for watching, see you next time.

Editor: Lily Lin

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