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Outdoor camping movie experience
October 27 , 2022

More and more people are opting for outdoor projection systems for their camping trips.All you need is portable system and the equipment that is easy to install.

Wupro fast fold outdoor projection screen with humanized stand,the height of the whole screen can be adjusted freely by rotation and attached crank.

The screen fabric and bracket are locked with snap metal button, so that the screen be tension and flatness.Large screen will provide good viewing for all your friends and family.

We got high capacity power station keep your device running.

1000W power station meet various interface requirements. As long as it's fully charged,and pair with my 4K projector.Power Consumption is 220W,I can enjoy four hours of my favorite movies.

Bring a perfect way to enjoy the movie-going experience while camping.

We can watch a movie under the stars and relax for a while.

Editor:Kay Wang

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