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Movie effect of Formovie 4k pro on ALR screen
September 30 , 2022

Hi everyone, this is Jason from Wupro company, see you again. Some customers want to order formovie 4k pro projector now, and want to see the movie effect of formovie 4k pro projector on ALR screen, today, I will show you the movie effect of formovie 4k pro on ALR screen.

Fomovie 4k pro has 2400ansi lumens, which is high brightness 4k ust projector. And it can play a nice movie effect in the daytime, when it plays video on AlR screen, high resolution video can make pictures and details much more clearly and vivid, you can enjoy it like a real world.

On the video you can see the movie effect is very nice under the day time, so you can see the movie without closing the curtain. Because our screen is ALR PET screen which is best for UST projector, it can have a best movie to block the ambient light and help you to have a best effect when watching movie.

Do you think that is a high-cost performance product? We have many products in stock now, so we can ship within 1 day. If you have any questions pls feel free let me know, I will reply to you as soon as possible. See you next time.

Editor: Jason Lee


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