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Large image of Formovie 4K pro on floor rising screen
August 12 , 2022

Fengmi 4K pro uses the latest laser DLP system on floor rising screen. It has 2400ansi lumens ,Contrast Ratio: 3300:1 and Global/Multi-Languages support make it a great option for those looking to get the most out of their movie-watching experience.

Fengmi 4K pro

The FengOS system is convenient to use with a variety of applications and tools. there are many sound modes, to meet the different needs of customers, positive screen,In full default Settings image restoration degree is good.

The Formovie 4K Pro displays the effects on the ALR Soft rising screen, ALR Soft rising is another great feature that allows you to watch your favorite movies and videos in high definition without having to worry about the quality of the image.which is perfect when you want to get the most immersive experience possible. it's definitely worth the investment if you want the best movie experience.

The projector and projection screen will have a better price when purchased together,If you have more question,welcome to send us your inquiry.Fast response and professional service by Wupro.

Editor: Lily Lin


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