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How to install sync LED Strip Lights?
July 01 , 2022
The led strip light are great for decorating your home cinema.Its simple and pretty good design can embellish the color of the home cinema and enhance the atmosphere.
After testing a lot of led strip lights, highly recommend this model to pair with our selling projection screen,hope it can help you to rich your product’s line.
This is HDMI sync strip light.And the vioce support of this product includes Amazon alexa, Google assistant and Smart things.

The video resolution up to 4K,bring you into fabulous vision and sound feast.

Please follow the steps below to check how to install

1.Dry and clean the surface.Before adhering any strip lights,clean the surface of the area you will be placing the lights on.This is vital to keeping it mounted for a long time to come.

2.Unroll the light strip,stick to the surface.The strip lights come rolled on a spool.Simply unroll the spool,remove the adhesive backing and start to stick.Press down on each part of the strip so it is firmly adhered to the surface.

3.How to cut led strip light,each strip lights has special designated sections where you can cut the strip.We can send you the guide video for help you to cut it in correct method.

4.Use the corner or straight flexible connectors,To make light strips go around a corner,use one corner connector.

5.Finally,we just need to connect strip light with our device,and enjoy the effect.

A must for movie,music and games enthusiasm people.

Editor:Kay Wang
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