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How do we advertise new projector before release?
April 15 , 2022
As we know, XIAOMI has launched a new projector this month,that’s XIAOMI panchromatic laser cinema or full color ultra short throw laser projector.
The projector has an RGB laser light source with liquid crystal-on-silicon (LCoS) technology, giving the device 95% coverage of the BT.2020 color gamut.
1400ANSI lumens and 0.25:1 throw ratio help you enjoy home cinema in your room.

full color ultra short throw laser projector

Xiaomi is Chinese brand,most of the product information is now in Chinese.And the projector makes it easy for our customers to switch to english and use it locally.But before that, how do we let the customer know this projector?
For extensive and profound Chinese, reading can be difficult.
Don’t worry, Wupro is your reliable and trustworthy supplier and information desk!

First,we will get information about it on the official website, which is very convenient and the information is correct.Then We will translate the product information into English, waht’s more, our graphic designer also joins in to design the product detail page,so that customers can easily read, this is our professional team.
PS: we provide these pictures with zip files without watermark to our loyal clients.

full color ultra short throw laser projectorfull color ultra short throw laser projector

A company that our clients can believe in!
A company that our clients can trust!
Make sure you follow WUPRO,We have more projector information and videos really coming soon.Thank you!
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