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Formovie Xming Mini Projector Q1 SE
April 08 , 2022
Today,we are going to see the small size,super performance Projector Xming Q1 SE.

Compact and sleek,one-handed mini theater
The rounded and cool appearance of the sharpangle can get rid of the stereotype of cold technol-ogy products.With the size (Size:115.1×134.1×175.0mm)of a desktop speakeronly,it can be placed anywhere

Mini Projector for home cinema

1080P native resolution,certified true HD
It is true that the native resolution of 1080P* certi-fied by an authoritative third-party organization is by no means comparable to the resolution of "de-coding and playback" products. Turn off the lights,it will turn your bedroom into a small theater.

Mini Projector for home cinema

Quickly cast screens with multiple devices
No need for third-party screen casting software,so you don't have to worry about complicated operations anymore,one-click connection to mobile phones,tablets,laptops,easily use large screen to play mobile games,see photos and office document.

Mini Projector for home cinema

Mutiple ports,external interfaces
The projector is equipped with 1 HDMI 2.0 port,1 USB2.0 port,1 headphone port,and supports 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi access.Bluetooth is a wireless speaker connected to the mobile phone,and the microphone can be connected to singing.Your mini theater makes you to enjoy your favorite content by connecting to your own external devices.

It's really a best Mini Projector for home cinema.Do you want to learn more about?welcome to consult Wupro company.

Editor:Luna Hong

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