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Formovie Fengmi Tri laser projector T1
April 08 , 2022
Today we are going to see the Fengmi Tri laser projector T1, The Fengmi T1 is the first all-color Laser TV made by Fengmi technology, a company in Xiaomi’s eco-chain.

The Fengmi t1 uses the ALPD RGB + panchromatic laser display technology. Through the blue + red + green three-color laser + color wheel to form a display effect, can achieve a higher light effect, The Fengmi t1 projection of the screen in brightness, color, contrast and other aspects have a very bright performance. Moreover, this kind of display technology is also the laser projection hall which most theaters now uses.

Aiming at the phenomenon of speckle produced by ordinary full-color laser light source, Fengmi T1 also adopts the speckle suppression technology of Lpse, which can obviously reduce the stroboflash of the picture and solve the problem of line double image in actual tests, The Fengmi t1 projected images were softer, more realistic, and more comfortable to watch.

Fengmi T1 is also equipped with Dolby Atmos technology, which can achieve realistic flowing sound effects and present an immersive listening experience.

It's really a good projector for home cinema,Do you want to learn more about ?welcome to consult Wupro company.

Editor:Felix Cai

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