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Cheaper 4k UST projector
May 20 , 2022
Hi everyone, this is Jason from Wupro comapny, see you again. Some customers ask me a question about the 4k cheaper ust projector. Today, let me give you some introduction about the cheaper projector mijia 4k 1s.

Cheaper 4k UST projector

2000ANSI Lumens mijia 4k 1s has, images will clearer in daytime ambient light. Some customers said they can’t see the projection clearly or can’t enjoy wonderful pictures when open the curtain, but your confusion will disappear when using mijia 4k 1s projector.

2000ANSI Lumens mijia 4k 1s

Mijia 4k 1s Projector only needs 24cm distance between the wall can project 100inches image size. It can up to 150inches large screen, so it allows you to achieve any screen size between 80-150inches. The best benefit is that anyone in front of projector won’t need to stand in the bean of projected light and create shadows on the images.

Mijia 4k 1s Projector

Even it is very cheaper now, the movie effect and functional are better than other same price projector, so if you have any questions pls feel free let me know, I will reply you as soon as possible.

Editor:Jason Lee

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