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CBSP screen comparison among Wupro,XY and Vividstorm
May 05 , 2022

Hi everyone,this is John from Wupro company.Nice to see you again!

After analysed some inquiries from our customers lately,we find that there’s a lot of interests of them for CBSP ALR screens to set up with their UST projectors.So today,I make this short review and will post the comparison pictures I recorded among Wupro,XY and Vividstorm motorized floor rising CBSP screens.Hope it will be a decision-making process a little easier for other customers who wanted to buy a screen kind of this.

For this first picture we can see,I allowed some lights right above the screen surface and the video source is from Dolby vision 4k.

CBSP ALR screens
CBSP ALR screens

Now second comparison with the same video source but at almost darkness,there’s no direct lights shooting to the screen.

And the third one,same watching environment but I chose different video source--The Dark Knight,which will be more helpful to know the effects in a dark movie like this.

Let’s move to the last comparison with the same dark movie,it shows more differences.

CBSP ALR screens

As you can see, the contrast is really impressive and you get the impression of real black. For someone who likes to watch films in rooms that are not completely darkened, CBSP is also ideal.
So hopefully that is helping with your decision.

Editor:John Lee

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