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Cargo claims SOP
September 02 , 2022

Cargo claims are a necessary evil in the world of shipping. Sometimes the mishaps will occur. How to work with your supplier to get reasonable compensation for both of you?

The key is to stay calm and take care of the problem in a professional manner.The first step is to make a detailed record of the damages that has occurred. This should include photos, videos, and a written description of the extent of the damage.These will help you to stand by your evidence and continue to assert your position.

Claim Filing helpful Hints:

1. At time of receipt of a shipment, the receiver needs to count and note any outside signs of damage/shortage to the cargo.

2. Any irregularities must be clearly recorded,If possible, take photographs of the noted irregularities/actual damage to goods and packaging material.Remember keep the outer packaging do not throw it away.Please notified immediately as outlined on the express company(DHL/UPS/FedEx etc).Meanwhile,You can ask Wupro Team for assistance.

3. All packaging material must be retained until conclusion of the claim.

If you are Wupros client already, or would love to be our new distributors,we will help to submit a claim and evidence to the shipping company, they will then investigate the incident and make a decision about compensation.So ,in order to minimize the loss, please pay attention to details in accordance with the request of the sales stuff from Wupro.

Wupro’s Cargo claims SOPis a friendly remind,which will help us to saving time and doing business better.

Editor:Kay Wang

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