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Anti-light screen projection display
August 26 , 2022

Are you still worried that the projector will not show good results,Or often adjusting the angle of the projection, If so, then you may be interested in an ambient light rejecting (ALR) screen for ultra short throw projector,ideal for use in rooms with large window or other source of light ,frame fixed screen design to provide good look and easy to installation.

High-gain screen,The material is pet crystal,160°visual angle degreeFilter out up to 93% of coming from the ceilling,designed to reflect more light than a standard screen, making it easier to see in well-lit environments.HD images are easily visible, even in brightly lit rooms, making PET crystal an ideal choice for demanding applications.

We has 18 years of experience in the screen industry,complete production line from the material of screen housing,can help customers to produced their own company brand’s screen,Good after-sales team to serve customers.

If you are also interested in our products, welcome to consult us, Wupro will serve you.

Editor: Lily Lin


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