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June 22 , 2022

Wupro are focus on home cinema products. And we can provide drop-shipping service, For the bulk order,we would like to provide good Logistics Solutions.

As we all know, international transportation pays great attention to the packing of products.We would like to help our customer to packing well and ship safety.
Recently, we had a customer who placed an order for 20 pieces of Formovie R1 nano projectors,and for the main box of R1 nano is 6 pieces. So the order will be 3 boxes and 2 individual packaging.
After communicating with the customer, I learned that he has a freight forwarder in China, and then will be shipped by sea with other products in LCL.
So we help to provide the packing solution as follow, so that all projectors can package in one box and find it quickly when the goods arrived.

If you have any good advice,feel free tell me.Your instructions would pave a smooth way to our upcoming cooperation.
Thanks for watching, see you next time.

Editor: Kay Wang

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