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4K Ultra high definition cinema Formovie V10
July 29 , 2022

Formovie /Fengmi has released a new projector 4K Ultra high definition cinema Formovie V10 features AI image enhancement, automatic noise reduction, and an ultra-high refresh rate of 240HZ, making it the best sound projector/speaker.

V10 support MEMC motion compensation technology

Has 1.27:1 projection ratio, can put 120 inches large screen, 2500ANSI lumen brightness also brings good light resistance performance, does not affect the use of daytime,The overall immersion is better in dark scenes.FengOS 2.0 system convenient to use, there are many sound modes, to meet the different needs of customers, positive screen,In full default Settings image restoration degree is good.

This is especially good for music games, where sound quality is important and sound effects add a lot to the immersion of the game.A projector with subwoofer,Supports Dolby surround sound.  2.1 HDMI interface 4K projector, high brush and low delay,  also support HDR 10+ decoding and MEMC motion compensation technology, the USE of MT9669 high performance computing chip, bring full fun game experience.

If you have any questions pls feel free let me know, see you next time.

Editor: Lily Lin


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