Application Scenarios

    Application scenarios


Enjoy non-stop entertainment at home

Let laser TV mobile telescopic table do the work for you

No need to customize the TV cabinet, use the laser TV mobile telescopic table,spend more time using not adjusting, enjoy the perfect movie-going experience.

Delight your ears.

Enter the world of sound, feel the charm of sound. With lifelike sound effects, enjoy the comfort of immersive sound.



Entertainment wherever you are.

Go anywhere

Power bank, a good companion during travel, provide power anytime and anywhere.It can help you get enough power on the device, and it cen take you go anywhere on an adventure.

Light up your trip

Portable stand, essential for trip, make your trip more colorful. Your trip will be extraordinary.High-Level PVC material screen fabric,Easy to installation,package in the air box, it is convenient to move anywhere.



Easy movement.

Move it wherever you want. Cater to a variety of office scenarios, Improve office efficiency.Create new way to work efficiently,not just limited indoor.

Q:What’s UST Projector?

A UST projector has a number of unique advantages:A lot of ordinary projectors you have to hang up, often at the back of the room, and that is extra hassle. A UST projector delivers a large image, is close to the projection surface, and its image shines quite strongly upwards. He can therefore often take the place of a TV, usually even on your existing furniture. That is a lot more convenient in many living rooms.

Because the projector is at the front, connecting sources can be compared to a television. That means you dont have to provide a super long HDMI cable to get to the projector. Falling over cables is therefore much less likely, and getting rid of cables is easier.

People who walk through the image or accidentally blind themselves by looking into the lens are a thing of the past.

UST projectors are often intended for the living room, and therefore provide a lot of light. Darkening is therefore less critical.

|Ultra Short Throw placement|

Ultra Short Throw projectors use a particularly strong lens, or often also use a light path with mirror.

The latter in particular can be important if you want to repeat whether the projector fits in your setups. With Ultra Short Throw projectors that use a mirror, the lens is not at the front, but at the rear of the device. The projection ratio takes into account the distance between the lens and the screen. But those who quickly go through the specifications often read that the projector should only be ten centimeters from the wall.

This is of course calculated from the front of the projector (the side that points to the screen) to the screen. So pay attention when trying to find out where the projector should be. Or better yet, search the manufacturer?s website for the manual. There you often find a well-arranged diagram that explains exactly where the projector must be to achieve a certain screen size.

Q:How can i make a Screen selection?

We already told you that an Ultra Short Throw projector really needs a flat projection surface. has. Considering the purchase of a screen, possibly choose a stretched screen to avoid wrinkles.

Since you are probably looking into the living room, you may be thinking about buying a screen that blocks out ambient light. This way you significantly improve the contrast performance. But beware, make sure that you choose a screen that is suitable for a UST projector. Why? Most screens that block out ambient light dampen all light that does not fall perpendicular to the screen.

Since your Ultra Short Throw projector shines from the bottom up, it would also dampen that light. So look for a screen that mutes ambient light and is suitable for a UST projector. Keep in mind that such screens are considerably more expensive, 1,000 to 2,000usd for a 100 inch screen, but we have good  ALR  screens available from 200-900usd ,that is Wupro Projection Screen.

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